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I feel a good bimbo should have intensive anal training. Is this something you do? A good bimbo should be able to take a dildo of any size in her ass.

Is that you Ma’am???

*giggles* Yes i got a lot of training like that. my hubby still doesn’t let me cum unless my ass is full of cum.

Where do you live? Would you meet another alpha male? With your husband'a permission of course.

i live in Cupertino, CA. That’s near San Jose. my husband has me meet men all the time. But if you mean would i meet you just cause i wanted to then, well, no. i’m like almost totally lesbian. i could go my whole life without any man but my hubby… the other men are his idea.

mmmm… hubby likes when i wear frills and bows for him.

Oil up Cake…

Making all the men hard at the hotel pool yet again…

Helping her to become all she always dreamed to be was the next logical step. 
I'm interested in what you are and aren't allowed to read. What are your rules? When did your husband start restricting this?

i can read anything i want. i just like magazines and stuff instead of books. When i was working i read books all the time. Big, thick ones. Now i just look at magazines and catalogs.

Have you ever fucked in a library? What's the kinkiest location where you did?

Yuh huh, back when i still read :p

The kinkiest… i donno what you think is kinky. i’ve done it underwater wearing scuba gear. i don’t think of that as but i never met anyone else that did it.

Probly the one you want was just after i figgered out i was sub. A mistress took me to a party with like 50 people. She tied me naked over a stool. i was used over and over all night.


When the new black minister was introduced to t athe congregation our church, I was struck by how elegant and beautiful his wife was. I had no idea that within a month I’d be lying on her floor, crawling on my belly to lick her pussy. I’d never done anything like that before. But anything she asked, I couldn’t say no.
Do you drink? If so, what's your favourite?

i’m not a big drinker… when i get drunk it gets hard to remember to be a good girl for hubby. When i do drink i pick it to match my outfit. So like if i’m wearing pink i get something like a watermelon jolly rancher martini or an X-Rated Kiss. Of if i wear blue i get something with blue curacao in it like a Blue Parrot or Blue Sex. If i wear yellow or gold i get a long slow comfortable screw against the wall.

*giggles* i love how people come up with those names :)

In a new bar i love to ask for “something wet and pink with a really slutty name.”

Awwwww, don't be bashful Jenjen. How did you serve those nice men at the Super Bowl party?

Do you mean other than giving them new drinks and refilling the chips and dip bowls?

Umm… my husband picked out me uniform to let them gawk at me… so that’s sort of a service.Early on the guys just looked but later they would all touch me… hugs and kisses and stuff… 

i think they were nervous about me or my husband being mad. Of course i wasn’t and my husband had set it up that way so he was happy. When no one got mad that kept it up.

Near the end the really stopped watching the game and just talked and touched me a lot more.