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When my husband and his friends get together they’re always saying stuff like this. i don’t have a clue what the heck they’re talking about.
You think wearing a cute sweater dress with matching nailpolish is in that book?
i wonder if she looks for the same thing in a car as me… i want a supersmooth ride so that my boobies don’t bounce all over. That’s even importanter when i have a plug up my bottom.i also need really a big well lit vanity mirror. And tinted windows are GREAT when i’m giving my husband road head with my bare bottom stuck up in the air.In my new car the back seats fold down. i keep them down all the time and put in one of those real thin mattrisses.  It was my husbands idea but it’s come in handy :)
Something no one teaches about being a submissive
If your normal position is head down, bottom up, you might meet someone a lot of times before you ever see his face.
my husband prefers me in that position and there was one guy he brought home a lot. i knew his voice, scent and the taste of his cock before i ever found out he had grey hair.
        Police: What did the suspect looking like?         me: He’s a white male… uhh… he was circumcised… and 7” long… and wears Old Spice

pink rely is my fav color i no evry grl says tht but idk its jus teh prettyest color thn blue thn purpel. i luv how white her teth r 2. its imprtnt 2 keep ur teth gud.

No matter what he says, when that glass of water splashes all over your dress won’t be an accident.
Oh pooh,  gotta up my abs workout again. :(
Would you like it if your husband found a younger woman and, instead of replacing you with her, just put her in charge of you to help keep you fit and sexy and trained to stay pleasing for him?

How much younger? :P If she’s like 18, you KNOW i would love that.

i know, i know, i’m a bad, bad girl for being so attracted to teenage girls. It’s not like i try… my husband stays “one can’t control one’s emotions.”


I feel this is right up your alley.

I’m not sure what says about me…

It had all been going so well for Mary.

That new promotion she’d so desperately needed and rightly deserved, the mortgage on the house finally being paid off, that holiday she’d been looking forward to finally getting…

i don’t think she’s gonna be able to ride that skateboard in those heels.