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Women are just too dumb to be able to figure out what they want on their own: they need a man to show and tell them what they need.


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must always work toward perfection.  

In retrospect, the degree had been a mistake. An awful lot of time and energy wasted on something she could now barely even remember. Occasional flashes of it would pop up unbidden in her brain, usually at inopportune times of excitement or agitation. These little chunks of useless and context-less knowledge only served to confuse her, even though they quickly disappeared.
No, the degree was a waste. A mostly-forgotten relic of a life from an awful long time ago, and which sometimes seemed to have belonged to someone else entirely. Those momentary fragments did always leave her wondering how differently things might have turned out, had she not made some particular choices.
Not that wondering would get her very far. There was no going back from this, what she had chosen. ‘Irreversible’ was the word that came up a lot when she had initially - idly, hopefully - discussed the possibility with her owner. He’d told her that even if he’d wanted to help her changed back (and he’d said he wasn’t super-keen on the idea) he couldn’t have anyway. It was a one way process. She trusted her owner, so she believed him. As far as she was now concerned, he couldn’t lie anyway, so that was that.
It wasn’t so bad anyway, she supposed, what she was turning into. It was getting easier every day just to give into that voice inside her head. It was getting louder now too, which made it even easier just to do what it told her. The physical changes had scared her at first, but now the voice told her it was normal and natural and she was starting to believe it. It was natural what was happening to her. Owner said so, too.
She just felt a little sad to have spent so long working on something she would never need again. She felt a bit silly about it really. A degree meant that, at one point, she would have spent an awful lot of time thinking and working, and that just didn’t sit right with her now. That wasn’t what she was for, and imagining herself doing it made her uncomfortable. Owner helped her feel more in her places when she came to him with these feelings, though, which was nice.
Eventually, she was told, she’d remember nothing nasty at all. In fact, the voice in her head would take care of everything, and her brain could just switch off forever. She was sort of looking forward to that, even if she was just the tiniest bit scared. She wondered what it was going to feel like.
All in all, life was going in a much better direction now. She thought. Or she was told she thought so, which was basically the same thing now.

The first time you are collared around your neck, then leashed, then led around the house on hands and knees you will drip from your hole with excitement and the humiliation of what you’ve become.
After a while that will become your reality and you’ll be desensitised to the humiliation. It’s good to remind females of this humiliation on occasion. To remind you of what you are. Who you serve.
Imagine being leashed in the manner seen here sluts, and led into a room full of people looking at you as you crawl, your Master tugging your leash, tugging on the plug buried tightly in your sluthole. You’d leave a trail of sticky cunt juice behind you as the renewed humiliation made your cunt wet itself as you crawl.

Older sluts can be far more competitive. When they’ve lost their youth they become even more desperate to please and will push their limits to do so.
Master learnt that his brunette whore despised this blonde slut. They were at school together, constant enemies throughout and after. He immediately seduced the blonde slut and it wasn’t long before she had submitted to be His petgirl.
Now, whenever Master feeds one she must kiss and share the cum with the other. Then the two slutty milf pets are put to bed together in one pet bed. They are ordered to sleep in the 69 position and sleepily lap at each others cunts as they fall asleep and then when they wake. The poor whores still hate each other but they both wish to please Master more than anything. And now they’ve been so conditioned they can’t get to sleep without the smell of the other’s cunt right by their nose.

You wish he would show you off to all of his friends.