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*giggles* this is sooo true. i wear stockings alot of the time, no pantyhose ever, and i worry more about garterstraps then panty lines.
i love morning shower time!
Math test CUMCOW! Complete the equation... cumcows age is 365.242 multiplied by (cumcows age in years) + (number of days since cumcows last birthday). Provide your age, b'day, and the answer. You have 30 mins to complete the test, which starts NOW....



umm… my birthday is 3/25/72… i’m 42 and …  like 150 days??

my calculater says thats 15111 days. Is that right?

365.242*42 + 146 = 15490 days. Holy shit that’s a big number.

i was real close… come on i haven’t done math since moving to California.

Have you ever experienced forced lactation training udders? It would amuse me immensely to see those fat tits explode every time it is aroused. Even better would be to program an unconscious and immediate response every time the milk fired from your udders. UDDERS: Gazes at the big hard cock.. cunt starts to drip.. the heat building in pussy and nipples..Udders knows what will happen next, but the sudden burst of shame only makes it worse..until.... Udders explode! ''MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

no… never. Years ago, right after the cow thing, i talked a doctor to help my lactate and got a pump. i told him i was adopting a baby and needed to feed it.

i got up to like a cup a day. But it wasn’t forced.

That was closest i ever got to being a mom… or a cow. :(


Now go for a jog bitch.  If those tiny tits fall out I’m going to whip your ass.

OMG im not that big and its real hard to jog!